Airport Closure

NOTAM:  Sept. 23, 2017   1000-1445  Airport closed.  Contact Compton Radio on 123.05 for status or emergencies.  1500  Airport open.

Pilot Information

Expect active advisories on 123.05. Arriving display aircraft prior to 1000, taxi back on south side (TWY A) to midfield and follow marshal instructions to display parking.  Non-display aircraft arrivals taxi north side (TWY B) to NW parking. Shuttle van will pick you up and deliver you to venue. All fly-ins are free admission.

NOTE:  Runways close at 1000 until 1445 for continual R/C activity.  All fly-ins encouraged to arrive prior to 1000.  After 1000, fly-in attendees ONLY contact Compton Radio on 123.05 for advisory prior to arrival.  Announce "event attendance".  Expect delay.  Expect large banner tow activity at 1000 hrs.  All training and other traffic will be turned away.

Airplane Display and Event Area